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Decorate Like An Artist


I'm Mel Kelly - an artist, boy mom and home decor lover from Kansas City, Missouri. See my boho art here

At first, I founded Not Boring Home to give an artist's take on decorating, and offer boho home decor to match my art.

It was going to be awesome.

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The Hidden Side of Home Decor

But... I found sources including Forbes, Unicef, the Guardian and others reporting that the cotton, rug, and textile industries (and others) are overrun with human injustice and forced labor. 

And... one of the top buyers of these goods is the US.

These "unethical" practices are undisclosed and easy to hide

Simply put, I can't sell something made at the expense of someone's basic human rights.


An Artist with a Mission

It became my mission to use Not Boring Home as a force for good.

We should all have access to cool decor that doesn't contribute to poverty.


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Always Hunting For The Good Stuff 

My promise to you is -- I'll do all the digging so you don't have to.

You can count on me to:

  • Offer products that provide fair wages for workers (Fair Trade)
  • Offer products made without violating human rights
  • Give 10% of all of our profits to orphans via The Global Orphan Project

Now you can keep on decorating - with cool, ethical decor you can trust.

Yours Truly,

Mel Kelly

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