10% to the Global Orphan Project

To Provide Orphan Care

The GO Project is a global community caring for local children and families in crisis. They partner with churches who provide culturally-relevant family-style care to children in their own communities. Children in the care of these church partners are given food, education, home and the knowledge that they are known and loved.

To Families Together

In the United States the GO Project bridges the gap between children and families in crisis, and community members who want to help. They create living wage jobs that support keeping families together.

Donations Go Straight To The Kids

Donations are given directly toward orphan care and prevention programs. This is possible because a generous group of dedicated donors cover their overhead.

Your Purchase Does Good

At Not Boring Home, your purchase does good. 

1. Sustainably made helps the planet

2. Artisan Made + Fairly Traded helps makers rise out of poverty

3. 10% profit donated for orphans and orphan prevention

Thank You!

Learn more about The Global Orphan Project here.