Traditional Trade & Orphans

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Unfair Wages Can Divide Families


Pierre grew up with his mother and three siblings in Haiti. His mother tried very hard, but lived in poverty. She was unable to support all of her children.

When Pierre was 10, she made the impossible choice to take him to an orphan village in Haiti.

Hourly Wage = # Kids You Can Feed

When you live in poverty, your hourly wage can determine how many children you can feed.

We support The Global Orphan Project because, in addition to orphan care, they work on orphan prevention.

In their research, they found that fair wages are a vital part of keeping families together.


Fair Trade Employee Working

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Asking The Right Questions

Pierre's mother had to make a heartbreaking choice. We can't help her now, but we can help others like her in the future.

We can start spending our money with businesses dedicated to fair wages. We can ask ourselves, "where did this come from?" and "who made it?" It's our small choices every day that can create the greatest change.

Home Decor For Human Rights


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